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Daphne Lewis,

The trail(s) will be:

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Multiple Trails

On the Olympic Peninsula, contact Travis Scott midnight_flogger@netzero.net. The trail will be a portion of the Discovery Trail. For the Thurston County trail, contact Susan Scofield barnstormer@fairpoint.net.

For the Seattle Metropolitan area:

Dogs Across America 2007

Where: Snoqualmie Valley Trail from Fall City through Carnation almost to Duvall

When: Saturday, Nov 10 at 10 am and/or Sunday, Nov 11 at 10 am.

Why: Demonstrate the enormous ability of dogs to travel, work and pull. Expand public awareness of the dog pulling (dry land) sports.

Who: Contact trail coordinator Daphne Lewis 253.839.1502

Saturday, Nov 10. Meet at S. 356th Street trail head. Arrive early enough to be able to depart at 10 am. Any dog powered rig is OK from running shoes to mountain bike to sulky to musher's cart to scooter. Distance is about 5 miles to the Griffin Creek Natural Area. Parking there is west of the trail about 2 city blocks. I will put out signs so you won't over-shoot the turn-off. From SR 203 go east on NE 11th to find the parking area. We will arrange to have cars at each end. Coffee or lunch afterwards in Carnation or at the Fall City Grill?

Sunday, Nov. 11. Meet at Entwhistle Road in Central Carnation. The park is about 3 blocks east of SR 203. It is where the trail crosses Entwhistle Road. Go north out of Carnation and along the Snoqualmie River. Pass Still water and end at NE 138th, a dirt road which connects farms to SR 203. The distance is about 9 miles. I will put out signs because this is an obscure junction.

S. 356th Trailhead If you come from I-90 take the Preston exit and proceed to Fall City. In Fall City proceed to the bridge that crosses the river. Bear right after you cross the bridge onto the Carnation Snoqualmie Road. Go east a couple of miles and turn left onto S. 356th Street. Go uphill until you see the trail and park. There are no toilets.

Griffin Creek Natural Area From SR 203 south of Carnation and north of Fall City turn east on NE 11th street. Go due east. Don't bear left at Y. Parking will be on your left. There is no toilet.

Entwhistle Road in Carnation In the center of downtown Carnation, look for the Road sign "Entwhistle Road" Go east to the trail crossing and park in the little park. No toilets.

NE 138th This is an undistinguished dirt/farm road. It is after Stillwater Junction and busy NE 124th and just after Duvall Park. I will place signs. Again, no toilets.

When you contact me about your plans, we can figure out which cars to leave where since neither run is a round trip.

For the Olympic Peninsula:

The start for the Saturday, November 10, is Morse Creek, in East Port Angeles. Basic directions: 101 West thru Sequim, as 101 curves and heads down into a "valley", you will see Strait View Rd. On the right, turn onto Strait View Rd and then right into the parking lot. There is a parking lot on the right, a small log building on the left. This is a section of the Olympic Discovery Trail heading west along the water toward downtown Port Angeles. It is paved, but is a beautiful section of the trail.

Keep track of your distance and if you can have a friend take some pictures of your run. After the event send in your miles, times of your run, your experiences, and any great pictures of you and your dog(s) participating in Dogs Across America!!!

We look forward to hearing about all the great experiances.

State Participants: