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State coordinator(s) contact info:

There is no coordinator for this state. We need a volunteer!

The Coordinator would be responsible for choosing one or more trails to use for the event, as well as coordinating days and times with the participants in the state. Afterwards, the coordinator would collect miles and times of the run, the experiances and pictures, then pass them along. The Coordinator would also be the media contact for the state. Note:The coordinator's name and email address will be available from the states page. It is protected from spam bots, but is viewable by human visitors.

If you would like to participate but not coordinate, no problem. Just pick a trail to run (see below for options or pick one near you). Then keep track of your miles, have a friend snap some pictures, then forward them and your experience to us, and we will be sure to include them in the event.

The trail(s) will be:

(Click the Trail Name for more info about that trail.)

There is not an "official" trail picked out for this state.

We want everyone to be able to participate however, so please pick your favorite local trail to run and send the state coordinator (or the webmaster if no coordinator) the details and answers to the following questions:

  • What type of trail is it?
  • Where is the trail located?
  • Why did you pick this trail?
  • Any pictures?

We'll try to connect people in the same area for group runs. Let's see how may miles we can add up with our individual runs combined!

Keep track of your distance and if you can have a friend take some pictures of your run. After the event send in your miles, times of your run, your experiences, and any great pictures of you and your dog(s) participating in Dogs Across America!!!

We look forward to hearing about all the great experiances.

If there is no state coordinator, please email the above to the webmaster,

State Participants: