Promotional Documents for
Dogs Across America

Downloadable Documents

Look to the right for downloadable documents to promote Dogs Across America in your neighborhood. We will have flyers, brochures and other printable materials that you may download and use.

Good uses of these materials would be to print some up and ask if you can leave them at your local pet stores and on informational bulliten boards where the public may post flyers. Please do not post illegally per your local laws.

The media often loves to cover these types of events if you can show that the community has an interest in it. Customize the Press Release for your local Dogs Across America event, and send it to your local newspaper(s), radio and TV news channels. We ask that the person sending in the press release put themselves down as the contact person, please.

We do not waive or in any way give up our copyright, but do give permission to use the items here for promotional purposes relating directly to the Dogs Across America Relay event and this website.

Other Promotional Goods?

Looking for T-Shirts, Bags and other promotional material that you can wear and use to advertise the Dogs Across America Relay?

Go to the Dogs Across America Store to find and purchase the items shown below, and let everyone who sees you know about Dogs Across America. These are a great way to advertise the sport of dog scootering.

dog shirt hooded sweatshirt sweatshirt, no hood tote bag button hat mug run journal sticker