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Mentioned in a The Lawrence Journal-World:  Link

Monday, November 14, 2005 - Cynthia Glenn was encouraging dog owners to keep their dogs in good physical condition by exercising them. One of the ways is for the owner to ride a scooter while the harnessed dog trots alongside. Some dogs need the exercise to work off excess energy, she said.

"They get bored and they get cranky," said Glenn, state coordinator of the Dogs Across America Relay event. The event involves dogs and their owners in wheel-powered events. For more information, go online to

Sled Haulers Full Page ad

Sled Haulers is the M.U.S.H. (Mid Union Sled Haulers) organization newsletter that goes out to their membership. The November issue ran a full page ad similar to the flyer which you can download and use for promoting Dogs Across America in your area. For more information about M.U.S.H., the URL is:

CKC back page

Continental Kennel Club Magazine

A very nice full page ad ran on the back cover of the summer 2005 issue of the Continental Kennel Club Magazine promoting the Dogs Across America Relay Event. For more information about the Continental Kennel Club Magazine, the URL is:

Mentioned in a Seattle KOMO News story:  Link

Here in the Seattle area, there are fun runs. Dog scooter teams are also organizing a national event called "Dogs Across America" in December. Each state will chose a trail and teams will take sections of the trail to ride.

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